With our late-stage configuration and configure-to-order manufacturing services, we ensure our customers can respond rapidly to opportunities, as and when they occur.

This truly agile supply chain service harnesses our postponement manufacturing expertise and outbound logistics capabilities including direct shipment. For our OEM customers with highly configurable products, these late stage configuration and postponement techniques will alleviate demand forecasting challenges. Proven to deliver high levels of product differentiation and supply chain efficiency, the postponement of final product assembly until customer demand is clearly defined, means that our customers can react rapidly and more effectively to opportunities as they arise.

Proven after build services for electronics manufacturing

Postponement manufacturing is a relatively simple theory, although its practice involves a high degree of collaboration and visibility throughout the supply chain. Our experienced team will manufacture a generic version of the product up to embryo level. We then hold this in inventory until the customer sends instruction to progress. The final product is then configured and packaged as appropriate, a process which is directly linked to customer demand. The postponement manufacturing process is highly responsive, enabling customers to rapidly configure different variations/options along with the appropriate accessories, packaging and instruction manuals for the product and the country it is being shipped to.

JJS Manufacturing's configure to order or postponement manufacturing service is particularly attractive to customers wishing to take advantage of our CEE contract electronics manufacturing facility ideally located in Chomutov, Czech Republic which provides an agile gateway to Europe for our UK and USA-based OEM customers.

The benefits of postponement manufacturing when outsourcing

postponement manufacturing

The First Six Months: Working in partnership with JJS

The start of an outsourcing partnership is an exciting time for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) – but it’s also one that’s filled with unknowns so, it’s worth finding out as much as you can about what will happen during the important early stages.

The first six months - Working in partnership with JJS